Pickett N1010-ES Trig Duplex Slide Rule

Eye-Saver Yellow Catalog. Pickett was an American manufacturer of slide rules characterized by all metal construction. Eckel started out making all-metal slide rules in using magnesium and later evolved to aluminum as aluminum alloys became more machinable. Pickett slide rules were chosen to be used by the Apollo astronauts on their mission to the moon, as they were lighter than their wood core counter parts. Picket used a photo print on their slide rules, rather trhan being engine divided. Picketts are remembered by many later-day alumni for their characteristic yellow ‘eye saver’ color. Pickett also produced all-plastic low-end slide rules in the waning days of the their life. When the company folded with the rest of the industry, the slide rules were going to be sold as scrap metal to Mexico, but were rescued by Dick Schwartzer and later sold to collectors over the last 25 years.

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Pickett, Alhambra, Calif. One object of the invention is to provide a slide rule of sheet metal construction having such characteristics that it permits ready, accurate formation and accuracy of operation. Another object is to provide an arrangement in which there is a slider base that is slidable relative to the body of the slide rule and on which the slider is oatingly mounted so as to avoid binding and permit self adjusting of the slider to the guide edges of the body of the rule as the slider base and thereby the slider are manipulated.

This 10″ slide rule is made of a magnesium body (stock and slide) and steel stops. The slide has Markings: Coyright , R. C. Pickett, A. F. Eckel, Chicago, U. S. A.; H; G; Model N7O. Date of Manufacture: c. ​

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. AG Thornton was established as a manufacture of drawing instruements when it took over the Precision Instrument Co in This merger added a range of PIC slide rules to their range. The slide rule was the evelution of Napier’s Rods or bones which where used for multiplication. Before the electronic calculator, in , the slide rule was used by scientists and students to perform calculations in mathematics and physics.

The alternative where 4 and 5 figure logarithm tables. The 10″ slide rule shown here P Log Log had an accuracy of 3 decimal places. It’s operation was efficient and the Pickett-brand slide rules were carried on five Apollo space missions, including to the moon. It enabled me to undertake more experiments in physics than my fellow students and I could finish writing up the notes and calculations when they where still packing away. Comments are closed for this object. Most of the content on A History of the World is created by the contributors, who are the museums and members of the public.

Pickett N600-ES Log Log Duplex Slide Rule

The story of Bill Hewlett’s iconic computer in a pocket. I don’t in fact have either one, so it could be that the plastic is marvelous in the flesh. I simply refuse to believe that I wouldn’t prefer mahogany or bamboo.

I talked to some other collectors about if you had to have a slide rule, which one Pickett went out of business, and sent all their slide rules out to be scrapped SLIDE RULE IT IS DATED ON THE SIDEPAT.5 ’00 DEC22 ‘

July 6, Update: Eight new cardboard slide rule calculators added, thanks to Neil Blaho. Some were from his father’s collection dating back to the s. Long before there were smartphones and software ‘apps,’ engineers and scientists carried around portable ‘apps’ of another kind. These apps were made from printed heavy cardboard stock and typically had either a sliding section sandwiched between two outer layers, or a rotating layer on a fixed base layer.

They even sported rivets to hold them together – like the original Levis dungarees. I and guys much older than me [ ;- ] routinely carried them in our shirt pockets, securely snugged behind our plastic pocket protectors. You definitely always wrote your name on them in indelible ink since there was a tendency for those cardboard slide rules to sprout legs and walk away while you were at lunch or in the can. These cardboard slide rule calculators used to be included on the Traditional Slide Rules page, but thanks to generous RF Cafe visitors who either sent me hard copies or high-res photos, the number has grown so large that they required their own page.

You are invited to submit examples of your own collection for inclusion in the informal Cardboard Calculator Museum. Shure Brothers Reactance Slide Rule. JFD Mfg.

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The slide rule, invented by William Oughtred in , consists of two divided scales, one fixed and Pickett NES 6" Slide Rule w/Leather Case, Log.

An abacus used at the NIH? Yes, by Dr. Wallace P. According to Dr. Adenoviruses mainly cause respiratory illnesses but can also cause other infections such as pink eye conjunctivitis. They get their name from the human organ they were isolated from: adenoids. Rowe also described the epidemiology and clinical characteristics of these infections. Abacus, Chinese, unknown date. Robert L. Over the course of 40 years, Berger developed a number of instruments used by scientists at the NIH.

He holds two U. This thermometer could measure temperature differences to several micro-degrees centigrade and is a forerunner of the digital thermometers used today for cooking and taking temperatures.

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Precision to contact him directly. Log Log scales are folded 80 inches long with a range from 0. The LL scales are on both sides, along with the C,and D scales which are duplicated on both sides. Over-range extensions on C and D scales. Normally supplied in a molded, rubberized case. Has 28 scale sections.

The company made a big deal about how a Pickett slide rule went to the moon. Aristo Studio – date code () Made in Germany – Metal Cursor.

McFarland entry. David passed on April 20, at the age of Even while in a wheel chair he attended all the Oughtred Society meetings. Collector and donor of slide rules to ISRM galleries. Watch my progress. Created a separate page for the Brand Index. Large line spacing between link targets for touchscreens. You will see erratic behavior. Weaver’s personal references and are non-sequential. Chipped stock. Cracked cursor. Replace S With Manual – Replace P in U.

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Linear slide rules are what you may think of as “normal” slide rules – straight scales with a sliding section and usually a cursor. But they still come in all sorts of weird and wonderful variations, from tiny to big, and single to multiple sliders. Scale lengths in my collection range from 36 to mm 1.

Pickett ended production sometime between and. , 56, 64 (This is a wide swath for such recent history— the date range may result from varying.

As is well known, Faber – Castell began to date-stamp their. Dating the rules they manufactured. Faber began to make slide rules [8], and the early s. Faber – Castell ; for convenience I will refer to the company. Faber to A. Faber – Castell in However, this. After about , the pre ferred. Figure 1. A typical Faber – Castell logo.

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