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Arklow RNLI Launch t oassist stricken single handed Dutch sailor

Just saw the movie on Laura Dekker Look forward to reading about your next 6. She’s just completed her 2nd solo circumnavigation. The last one was supposed to be non-stop, but she lost her mast approaching Cape Horn from the west, and being engineless, had to jury rig a mast and sail to the Panama Canal.

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An Irish cop known as a garda fights corruption all alone on the west coast of Ireland in Single-Handed , a prosaically named but extremely riveting series. Garda Sergeant Jack Driscoll Owen McDonnell returns to the town of his birth after falling afoul of superiors in Dublin in some unspecified way. When he returns home, he finds that this small town was not the idyll he may once have thought it, but a seething den of petty jealousies, cover-ups, and pragmatism that offends his sense of justice.

He makes hard decisions, and over the course of the three episodes of the first set released in the US by Acorn Media, he changes from a self-righteous champion and paladin into a more equitable, far-thinking man. Though he is far from the pragmatism and selfishness of his father his predecessor in the post, played by Ian McElhinney he has layers of ambiguity, moving from holy crusader to honest and fair lord of his fiefdom over the course of the series.

Well-played by the understated but effective actor Owen McDonnell, Jack Driscoll becomes a character in which the viewer truly invests. The stories themselves are quite tragic. Set on the windswept seacoast of Western Ireland, the dark tales reflect the windswept and empty nature of the landscape, something the writers and directors have used to great effect.

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The sad thing is, he is the man who, single-handed, destroyed Liverpool FC by introducing this mediocre calibre of player, and he will never go down in history.

Grim could not bring himself to kill the child, but unable to return to Denmark, he landed and settled on the Humber estuary. Fish are one of the earliest forms of life on earth, emerging some million years ago. There are more than 25, different kinds of fish, but the fishing industry is only interested in catching about fifty varieties to sell for food.

There are over species of fish in the North Sea, the most sought after by far being cod and haddock. Haddock, a member of the cod family, is found on both sides of the North Atlantic. For much of the nineteenth century, wooden sailing ships, reliant entirely on the wind and tides, ventured only as far as the Faroe Islands and the Norwegian coast. Two inventions dramatically changed the fishing industry: steam power, enabling the ship to sail faster and reach the fishing grounds of Iceland, and man made ice, preserving the fish on board and therefore allowing ships to stay at sea for weeks on end.

After the Second World War, oil burners and diesel electric engines replaced coal; navigational equipment was revolutionised by technological advances; and stern trawlers replaced the traditional sidewinder vessels. There are hazardous duties associated with many jobs, but few compare with a three-week trawling trip to the waters of the Arctic.

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Innovation in any form has always been met with distrust at sea. A traditionalist by training and temperament, the blue-water sailor, out of sight of land and dependent utterly on his vessel, has too much at stake to cast aside lightly the proved and the practical. Yet there is always within him the urge to sail faster and farther, with less effort and more comfort.

That urge in recent years has been gratified by a growing fleet of oceangoing sailboats that substitute two or even three hulls for the traditional single hull.

On Home Ground (RTE), Single Handed (The Drowning Man/ITV1), Cast Offs (​Channel 4). Film includes: Ondine, Eat The Peach, The Butcher Boy, Dancing at​.

Rosses Point was numbed with shock and grief last weekend when three local men were drowned in one of the worst tragedies in Sligo Bay for many years. The men, two of whom were in their twenties, were lost when their boat was overturned by a freak wave in the vicinity of Blackrock Lighthouse as they attempted to reach a stranded boat early on Sunday morning. Three others who accompanied them were saved after they scrambled onto the reef of the lighthouse and sent up distress flares.

During a massive sea-air search, which was quickly mounted, the body of one of those drowned, James Leydon, a married man, was found. The search, on sea and along shoreline, continued all this week for the remaining bodies. Up to yesterday Wednesday , however, nothing had been found. Lost in the tragedy were – James Leyden, aged 58, who was Principal Light keeper of Eagle Island, off the County Mayo coast; Michael McLaughlin, 24, a seaman, who it is understood, was to be married in the Autumn and was to join a vessel of the Irish shipping Ltd.

All were natives of Rosses Point. The drownings came after a day of drama at Rosses Point when three young men, who got into difficulties while lobster fishing, were rescued from the Blackrock. In fact Michael McLaughlin, who so tragically lost his life later played a hero’s part in bringing these men ashore after their boat was thrown off the rocks by heavy seas.

Cecil Ewing, went out lobster fishing in his recently purchased 28 ft. He was accompanied by an older brother, Richard, 25 , and by a local teenager, Andrew Gillen.

The Drowning Man: Part 2

A low water search is to continue tomorrow for a young fisherman missing off the West Cork coast. The man, named locally as Kodie Healy, who is in his 20s, is now feared drowned. The popular young man played football locally and comes from a well-known and well-liked local fishing family. Mr Healy left the shore at 7. There was a 2m swell and force winds gusting.

RTÉ’s promotional logo for Single-Handed 3: The Drowning Man (with Owen McDonnell as Sergeant Jack Driscoll).

His work transformed the literary sensibility of his countrymen, reshaped the language of their poetry and prose, opened their eyes to the beauty of their land and its natural features, and accelerated their determination to achieve political independence. But although he is indisputably a “national poet” — and a fine one — there is nothing parochial about his work. His greatest poems rise far above local concerns and limitations.

Partly this is because he is so quintessentially Icelandic and because he created, almost single-handed, a new poetic language for his nation. But it is only half the story. Out of this flatness rise three considerable summits, very different from one another. Far in the distance, beyond these three summits and another stretch of desert , lie the rich poetic pastures of the Middle Ages, the landscape of eddic and skaldic poetry , which was often visited and plundered by later writers with varying degrees of success.

How he changed it can best be suggested, perhaps, by altering the image and giving a brief list of the many tributary currents that flow into his own poetry, mingling together to create a wide and deep stream that has flowed through — and nourished — the landscape of Icelandic literature ever since. He grew up on farm in the north of Iceland, steeped in the rich oral traditions of Icelandic folklore, poetry production, and saga reading.

Throughout life he widened and deepened his familiarity with his country’s high-prestige medieval literature the sagas, eddic and skaldic poetry , literature which runs a gamut from tight-lipped restraint of utterance to the most abandoned emotional frenzy and thus supplies a wide variety of rhetorical models. Ultimately he found in the poetry of Heinrich Heine a model that met his own deep need for high-powered direct emotional utterance seasoned with complex irony.

In constructing his own verse he made use of many intricate and demanding forms, but almost never — either in theory or practice — allowed form to seize the reins from content. He was an all-purpose natural scientist with highly developed powers of observation and description, and this had important consequences for his poetry. Often the poet’s imagination quickened the eye of the scientist; often the scientist’s sober objectivity restrained the potential excesses of the poet.

Best sailing books: 25 tales inspired by the sea

A hybrid style that takes the thirst quenching ‘sessionability’ of a Pale Ale and adds the complexity and character of IPA hop aromas and flavours. It lacks the aggressive bittering of a standard IPA allowing for a more easy-going drinking experience. Drowned man is a rich honeyed gold with a clean, crisp malt profile. It is medium bodied with an almost creamy mouthfeel and a subtle, thirst quenching bitterness.

The Drowning Man, Part 1. Whilst looking into the drowning of a local teenager, Garda Sergeant Jack Driscoll stumbles into the middle of a national investigation​.

Burial information for these recipients is here. Rank and organization: Sergeant, U. Entered service at: Troy, N. Birth: Troy, N. Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty at Saipan, Mariana Islands, 19 June to 7 July When his entire company was held up by fire from automatic weapons and small-arms fire from strongly fortified enemy positions that commanded the view of the company, Sgt.

Baker voluntarily took a bazooka and dashed alone to within yards of the enemy.

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Another episode was aired last year and there are plans for a fourth, but Owen says this depends on how Single Handed;The Drowning Man is received and — unsurprisingly in the current climate — money. The Special Branch are down from Dublin in connection with a drugs drop and there are some big people involved. The family of the boy who drowned are his friends. We have come a long way. When you see the wealth of material in her care, this belief makes sense.

These records mostly consisted of minutes of various meetings.

he is so quintessentially Icelandic and because he created, almost single-​handed, The death by drowning of this outstanding man while still in his prime has.

A hero copper whose rescue of a drowning man was caught on his police-issue body-worn camera has been honoured for his bravery by The Hoff. I understand they call you The Hoff. Take care and keep up the good work. Pc Nadeem, 32, leapt 8ft down into the icy and fast-flowing waters of the River Irwell after a man he was trying to help fell in, close to Hardys Gate Bridge in Bury in February.

He had only joined the force nine months earlier and was a student police officer at the time. The man in the river tried to swim towards a weir, but PC Nadeem caught up, grabbed hold of him and dragged him to safety. Both were treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital to receive further checks.

Charlene McKenna in “Single Handed” Part I